KedaiPangan connects farmers, ranchers, as well as wholesalers to a variety of end users in fulfilling Indonesia’s daily needs.

About Us

Founded in 2018, we began with a focus on providing our initial target audience of Tukang Sayur with fresh produce in a sustainable way. Over the years, we have developed KedaiPangan into a business whose vision and mission is to not only support our local farmers, ranchers, and wholesalers, but also empower the communities we work with and serve.

KedaiPangan is an agri-tech company, committed to improve Indonesia’s fresh produce supply chain by developing digital and modern ecosystem, bringing the best value products and services to customers.


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Our Story

Adapting and
evolving since 2018

October 2018

Launched as an agri-tech company with a focus on sourcing fresh produce for Tukang Sayur and digitalizing their trading systems.

January 2019

Successfully recruited 5000+ Tukang Sayur across the Jakarta Metropolitan area with 200+ drop points.

February 2019

Accomplished our first milestone in partnering with two of Indonesia's major fresh-produce supply chain players: Farmers and Tukang Sayur. We began directly sourcing (beli putus) from farmers.

July 2019

Launched our Farmers Partnership Program, focusing on solving the challenges faced by most local farmers. We began creating a sustainable ecosystem to enable us to support offtaking fresh produce, provide guidance on working capital management and educate farmers to adopt the best agronomy practices.

November 2019

Began sourcing to B2B / HORECA clients, and expanding our distribution networks and warehouses.

June 2020

Worked closely with the Ministry of Agriculture and Indonesia's Young Farmers Champions (Mitra Tani Parahyangan) to support the Indonesian government's COVID-19 pandemic reponse, ensuring smooth distribution of fresh produce from farmers to consumers.

October 2020

KedaiSayur launched and began operating in Jawa Timur, specifically Malang and Surabaya.

November 2020

KedaiSayur formed strategic partnerships with PMG and Naima to source and distribute two of KedaiSayur's top selling products: eggs and bananas.

January 2021

Soft-launched KedaiMart, our B2C e-commerce channel for customers to directly buy from our network, with an average monthly growth of 11x in GMV only within the 6-month mark

April 2021

KedaiSayur's B2B business transitioned to serve as an all-inclusive technology and supply chain solution to provide culinary business owners the ease of expansion by supporting Sourcing, Distribution, Warehouse Management and Quality Control.

June 2021

Welcomed BRI Agro, iGrow and Agree TELKOM into KedaiSayur's digital ecosystem, providing solutions to our farmers located in East Java.

August 2021

Along with our loyal Mitra Sayur, KedaiSayur launches Pasar Mini.

September 2021

Welcomed Kelompok Tani Cah Anom Tulungagung into KedaiSayur's Digital Ecosystem.

October 2021

Welcomed Koperasi Produsen Mandiri Cihanjawar Sejahtera into KedaiSayur's Digital Ecosystem.

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