End-to-end Agricultural Digitization

KedaiPangan is the solution to the fragmented agriculture industry. We are the line that connects the dots.

Farmer & SMEs

We build digital ecosystem that supports our farmers and SMEs by providing a guaranteed offtaker, the best agronomy guidelines, and connecting farmers with financial institutions to secure their working capital funding; all within a closed looped system.

F&B Businesses

To many business outlets, KedaiSayur (B2B branch of KedaiPangan) serves as their one-stop supply chain and tech solution. KedaiSayur’s responsibilities encompasses maintaining high-quality fresh produce, controlling procurement, providing efficient stock management system and holistic supply chain management


KedaiMart is the B2C branch of KedaiPangan and is developed to cater to our everyday retail customers. KedaiMart is an online grocery platform that’s ready to supply the daily needs of our users with just a few convenient taps — we’re the supermarket in your pocket! 

Our Journey

To bringing the Best Products For Our Diversified Customers

October 2018

Launched as an agri-tech company with a focus on sourcing fresh produce for Tukang Sayur and digitalizing their trading systems.

December 2019

Launched MITRA BISNIS in December 2019, serving hotel, restaurant and café merchants across Jabodetabek.

January 2021

Soft-launched KedaiMart, our B2C e-commerce channel for customers to directly buy from our network.

April 2021

KedaiSayur’s business transitioned to serve as an all-inclusive tech and supply chain solution, strengthening our commitment to our mission. 

October 2022

Rebranded to KedaiPangan previously KedaiSayur, with renewed determination and focus to the  vision of the company.


Committed to digitally transform Indonesia’s fresh produce supply chain


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